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Celebrating hundred year old legacy that creates and sells sweet mustard across the globe

Our current social obsession with food is unquestionable. Be that as it may, while the advent of the foodie might be a 21st century marvel, from an evolutionary point of view, taste has long characterized our identity as a species. The world of taste has evolved with the time. But the cravings for good taste has stayed constant over the decades. One such king of tasty mustards is Händlmaier – a century old global brand of sweet Bavarian mustards.

It doesn’t bother to Händlmaier, whether its products are acquired in discount chains or gourmet shops, such as in London‘s traditional “Harrods.” Customers can‘t argue with good taste – especially when it concerns Händlmaier. The mustard brand has developed a special world that is appreciated and loved worldwide, through its distinctive design, innovative flavors and trendsetting packaging. They always focus on the needs of their customers and, alongside handy sachets for travelling, Händlmaier offers large packaging for use in catering.

A hundred year old secret recipe

It all began in 1910, when master butcher Karl and his wife Johanna Händlmaier founded a butcher shop on Gesandtenstraße in Regensburg. Johanna wanted to offer their customers something special in addition to their sausages. Thus, she created the sweet homemade mustard in 1914, thereby laying the foundation of the company you know today.

In 1945, after the end of the Second World War, Karl’s son Josef took over the business along with his wife Luise. The mustard making tradition continued of course. After a short time, they opened six stores of their own that were sold to the Ostermeier sausage manufacturer in 1964 to focus solely on the production and sale of the sweet mustard. That same year, Luise Händlmaier GmbH was established. After the death of Luise Händlmaier in 1981, the company was run by Christa Aumer, Luise’s daughter and Christa’s son Franz Wunderlich led the company. Growth was visible to them and the more growth meant more space. In 1992, the company left its headquarters in Regensburg’s old town and built a new mustard factory in a commercial area just outside the city and the boom followed.

Today, Händlmaier supplies all grocery chains in Germany, is represented in Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland, and intends to make the sweet mustard tasty for EU newcomers in the Czech Republic in the near future. To put in numbers, about 37 tons of mustard filled with 90,000 glasses leave the factory each day.

Always makes only the best

The philosophy that’s followed at Händlmaier is to always make only the best. And thus, all they use for their products is unique quality; the best raw materials that can be got on the world market and from Mother Nature! Fresh mustard seeds from Canada, clear water, brown sugar, wine vinegar and of course the secret spices that that they never reveals.

For Händlmaier, nature is of highest order and must be protected and preserved for generations to come. And the same can be seen in their process. All packaging materials are sorted and sent for recycling. Their wastewater is treated and purified before it reaches the sewage system. The transport of their goods is optimized so that the loading area of ​​each individual truck is optimally used. The various delivery points are assembled to optimal routes. Thus, there are no double trips and as short as possible. This in turn saves gas and protects the environment.

Relying on the employees is the greatest achievement

All Händlmaier products are characterized by their high quality, reflected in the raw materials, in each production step and in the expertise of their employees. Händlmaier is particularly proud of their employees. Many of them have been with the company for decades and are responsible for its success. To make their everyday work as pleasant as possible, the firm continually invests in its production locations and administration building and create a sense of well-being with the landscaped grounds.

It is very important to Franz that their employees feel at home when they are at the workplace. Because he believes it’s not just working time that they spend here, it’s lifetime! Keeping in mind the same, Franz has tried to make the environment of the company as pleasant as possible. Numerous green areas are created around the company building, trees and flowers are planted. The offices are bright and friendly. There is a cozy kitchen with a dining room where all staff meet at lunchtime to eat together. Because of which, they have grown together to a great and strong team, and stand with a lot of commitment and dedication to the goals of the company.

A dream that began a century ago and continues to prosper even today

Händlmaier’s synergy between innovative products and traditional ideas has gifted the company with awards and honors on a regular basis. For example, Händlmaier has received the highest award in the food industry three times now. The Top Brand award makes it clear that, out of all their competitors, they were able to achieve the biggest expansion to their range of distribution. In 2015, the publication Deutsche Standards (German Standards) named them ‘Brand of the Century’ in the category ‘Mustard’. This is a mark of their success at establishing their own ‘brand world’ – one that is always oriented towards the needs of their customers, making it a beloved and highly valued brand, both within Germany and around the world.

Franz sees a beautiful Händlmaier jar present in every home where sausages and grilled meats are enjoyed. Händlmaier fan clubs prove that they have now reached cult status with their products, which are available both in Bavaria and in the United States.

Management: Franz Wunderlich, CEO, Händlmaier

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