Rodrigo Miranda: Change commences when you embrace philanthropy!

The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmaceutical, 2021

Wherever the art of supplying/donating medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity. Since, as to diseases, they dwell into the habit of doing two things – to kill or to cause indefinite harm. Rodrigo Miranda who is the CEO of PegMed has had pursued his academic pursuit in Biology but was always instinctive of the environmental and human concerns surrounding him. His organization commenced out of his personal obligation when he encountered an event on the day of New Year’s eve back in the year 2017, where he was having dinner with his friend, and all of a sudden, he receives a call from his wife asking to fetch medicines for their son when the clock struck almost midnight. He analyzed that Copacabana is landed with swarming tourists and that could be a boulder for him to reach to the pharmacy before they shutter down for the day. Just at the moment of his analysis peak, he was bewildered by his friend’s wisdom who pointed out how small they are in this city. As per his explanation, he addresses that the city is full of apartments and it is imperative that someone in this radius might have the same medicine which we then require but are of no use to the owner as prioritized as them. This observation leads to the seedling of a self- occurred idea to create a platform that would have the same business model as Uber wherein the product to be traded as consideration would be medicines. It took him almost two years to create the platform and launch it by the end of 2019 with extensive research about the industry and identification of similar concerns in the pharmaceutical giant’s ventures. At present, the organization has earned donors in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, distributors and importers of medicines, and hospital supplies along with chains of pharmacies.

Overwhelming the Bootstrapped:

Individual viability is filled with choices and is directly or indirectly filled with relentless. No sooner, have you made a choice than another is lingering above your head. These choices are synonyms for setbacks in any professional venture and the initial setbacks that Rodrigo encountered were the lack of capital wherein three partners risked opening a sustainable innovation company with 100% of the partner’s own resources. They were affiliated to unavoidable expenditures such as travel, events, provider, etc. But as mentioned, one choice leads to another, they were unable to get in touch with the associated individuals from the same field who could set them back with support and the pathway to commence their journey in the level of multinationals. Their LinkedIn invitations remained unaccepted and their email’s unreverted. The dice changed when they made two accelerations in 2020 and change occurred. They were then getting invitations to speak at events, Industry magazines covered their journey in form of interviews, also, they bagged five awards wherein two were in the segment of national and three fell in the segment of international categories.

Centralizing the dispersed:

The art of philanthropy is long, life is short, opportunities are fleeting with the reciprocal of dangerous experiments and the judgment to stand is difficult. PegMed has a donation platform for medicines, hospital supplies, cosmetics, hygiene, beauty, etc. wherein, in the front end, the donors can register the mentioned items to be donated and on the other end, the hundreds of philanthropic institutions receive these items as consideration for usage. With these measures, the donors are able to add mints with the format of reverse logistics and incineration, fetch a discount on taxes, and representing themselves as a social worker, which strikes a sympathetic chord.

The stepping blueprint towards heaven:

Cure sometimes, treat often, and comfort always is the reflected vision of the charitable institute wherein Rodrigo intends to continue to donate medicines to assist individuals commencing from Brazil and eventually spreading across the globe. The health sector was under the bridge of innovation but clearly in a sluggish tone. This pandemic has anticipated the need for urgency and equal attention in terms of sustainability. Upon understanding the atmosphere of competitors, Rodrigo expresses that the level of the sharp edge is still less in the same wavelength. They are being poked from the edge as they have discovered industry-specific competitors in reverse logistics and incineration ventures. But, upon a large spectrum, there are two known competitors worldwide from the USA and Greece respectively. The most exquisite pleasure in the practice of the philanthropical entrepreneurship journey comes from nudging a layman in the direction of terror, then bringing them back to the safe zone in a jolt. The biggest milestones that PegMed’s has had embedded is when they have had reached the scale of one million donated units post the launch of the venture. As per Rodrigo, Today we have already surpassed this mark, but it is very gratifying to know that we were able to help thousands of people to have quality and free pharma items and still help the planet.

The platform of inherited fortune:

You cannot separate passion from the journey of entrepreneurship anymore than you can separate an individual’s spirit from his own body. Upon asking about the roles and responsibilities as a CEO, Rodrigo jokingly laughs explaining that it continues as it starts. His major responsibilities include but are not limited to doing in-depth research about the market and aligning the donors and institutions for the consideration of the platform, making the first point of contact, engaging the customer in the transformation procedure, and finally sealing the deal. Marco, the CFO, assists in the procedure too, but he is more focused on the legal and financial area, and Leonardo, CTO, already has a lot of work with the platform as it is emerging in the large ratio. Just like your passion and dedication, it could either drown you or sail you in the highest of the tides, your beliefs could either result in becoming your poison or your lifesaver. Upon reminiscing about the future blueprint of the platform, Rodrigo shares that they are working tirelessly to dominate their native land and later enter into the horizon of expansion. They have been drafting as many professional connections in the same genre and are able to envision the shadow of internationalization of the platform. In his last pearl of wisdom, Ridrogo appeals to take the opportunity to welcome any company in the pharmaceutical sector who is reading this article and wants to implement sustainability and innovation, we are ready for a good conversation.

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