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With a clear plan and steadfast determination achieving every dream can become a reality. That’s what it took for ActionCOACH® CEO and Founder Brad Sugars to build his business empire. In Brisbane, more than 26 years ago, Sugars began the incredible journey that led him to be a multimillionaire.  ActionCOACH® ®, which is a one of the world’s leading business coaching franchises, is a pioneer in the field, and Sugars is globally recognized as an international business speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Sugars came from humble beginnings, and the origin story of ActionCOACH® is an inspirational one.

The Firm Foundation

In the early days of his entrepreneurial adventures, Sugars was approached by multiple business owners to work with them as a consultant, and that got him thinking. He soon realized that the need of the market was not consulting. It was deeper than that. Business owners needed to be equipped with knowledge on how to run a successful business and have someone to discuss and co- create winning strategies with. Sugars got started working on a system designed to help businesses grow. This effort led to the foundation of ActionCOACH® in 1993.

Sugars was soon overwhelmed by the demand and was motivated to start training and hiring business coaches to help businesses. With the increase in demand over supply, ActionCOACH® expanded internationally, starting its first franchise in New Zealand in 1994. Additional expansions included a move to the Unites States in 2000, leading to the migration of the company’s global office to Las Vegas, Nevada. Steadily expanding to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, the U.K., and the Philippines, ActionCOACH® had an enormous breakthrough after 2005 when they expansion efforts continued into Europe, Asia, North and Central America and Africa. Eventually, the brand was represented in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Planning is the Key

ActionCOACH® experinced minimal challenges throughout the journey of becoming a global franchise powerhouse because of the systems Sugars crated. In order to avoid roadblocks, the company planned and adapted the right systems.

Identifying what the market needed and planning a business around it opened doors to multiple facets like executive coaching, group coaching, one-to-one coaching, workshops, webinars and seminars. ActionCOACH® also offers the Product Ladder to businesses, which includes offerings such as: ActionCLUB, Assessments Online, SeminarCLUB, Business Valuation, BusinessRICH, GrowthCLUB, BookCLUB, and ProfitCLUB. Today, the franchise business is taking the concept far and wide, making ActionCOACH® one of the leading names in the industry. Sugars is always abreast of the changing market and effortlessly continues to develop informative content for his franchise business. Daily posts on social media, videos, and books help him to stay on par with the global market.

The Coaching Guru

Since 1993, ActionCOACH® has been instrumental in guiding numerous business owners giving them a different business perspective stimulating growth. ActionCOACH® is proud to have achieved the number one position in the market—meaning the company has coached more clients, won more awards, gained more recognition, and produced more profit than any other coaching company. The internet has played a vital role in growing the franchise business. With a unique social media and digital marketing strategy, ActionCOACH® has been able to use the Internet to reach larger audiences, expanding the brand’s influence.

The team has also embraced remote coaching, which eliminates the restrictions of physical boundaries and can reach anywhere irrespective of the client’s location.

The team at ActionCOACH® is dedicated and passionate about their work. The company is determined to change lives and communities through simple strategies one business at a time. ActionCOACH® has embraced an inherent culture that contributes to its success. Its key points of their culture are commitment, ownership, integrity, excellence, communication, success, education, teamwork, balance, fun, systems, consistency, gratitude, and abundance. These values are instilled in every team member this unique culture sets the company apart in the business world.

“I’ve been a franchise partner for 4 years now. I have been on an incredible journey ever since – supported first by my coach and now supporting the coaches who work for me. I looked for something this simple and clear the entire time I worked in Corporate America. Now I get to share it with business owners and executives every day. I see it changing their lives. I know it continues to change mine,” said Mike McKay, a Franchise partner.

Franchise partner Doug Winnie believes that ActionCOACH® is the business that beats all businesses.

“It teaches us first how to grow our own business and then how to coach our clients to grow their businesses. The concepts are simple and the results are phenomenal! Seriously the easiest business I’ve ever owned (now on my 8th business) because I don’t have to think, I just have to do. Such a great business that earns me an awesome living and allows all my clients to get their highly profitable business to run without them,” he said.

The Coaching Expert in Action

Sugars is best described as a self-made, level-headed man hailing from humble beginnings who created a multi-million business empire through the disciplines of discernment and planning. Redefining success, Sugars, who has written 17 business books and is the author of bestsellers like his most recent offering “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat,” is dedicated to lifelong learning.

In 2006 the publishing rights to the series “Instant Success” were acquired by McGraw Hill, making it the largest multi-business book deal involving a single author. Sugars is an entrepreneur who guides his team with simple yet effective techniques.  With a dynamic stage personality and a straight-forward Aussie style, Sugars is a leader who loves to motivate and educate business owners through his online content (videos, podcasts), books, and real-world interactions such as classes, seminars, and speaking engagements. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he is sure to tell you what you need to hear, which has made him a thought leader for more than two decades.

Sugars values his family as much as his business and spends quality time with his wife and five children. He and his wife are survivors of the Route 91 tragedy which affected the lives of thousands in Las Vegas. His young daughter, Riley Browne Sugars, is the youngest survivor of the attack and has been featured in multiple media stories.

The Inspiring Insight

The idea is to keep learning throughout the journey of life, it keeps you updated. As a teen, Sugars would save his allowance to afford tickets to business guru Jim Rohn’s seminars. He was truly inspired by Rohn and despite being the youngest in the crowd, Sugars learned some of his vital business practices and life lessons in these seminars. He recognized his vocation in life at a very young age and became an entrepreneur with a vision to change the world. Sugars has always been a learner and continues to be one even today.

Sugars believes that “Your business exists to help you achieve your goals in your personal life. It’s not to control you, but to enable you.”

He’s also been known to say, “The biggest risk you can take is to do nothing” and “Build a business that works for you!”

ActionCOACH® has left a trail of success stories in its wake and has been a source of motivation for businesses and budding entrepreneurs around the world. With the same passion and dedication, Sugars and his team are all set to expand the franchise into 120 countries over the next three years.

Company Name: ActionCOACH
Address: ActionCOACH Global HQ, 5781 S Fort
Apache Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 USA
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Phone no: +17027953188

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