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Most companies speculate that building brand awareness is more like an art than science. But recent studies suggest that global brands utilize both strategies to make choices which, in turn, fascinate their customers on a logical as well as in an emotional level. Advancement in neuroscience marketing has developed a new way of providing – the insights on the way brain responds to certain stimuli – to the brands. Whilst neuroscience concentrates more on the brain’s behavior, neuromarketing focuses at how businesses can acclimate their brand awareness strategies to sway customers on a psychological level.

One firm which has pioneered neuromarketing with its patented technology is Mind Trace. Mind Trace is an online platform offering content experience testing. Mind Trace helps clients optimize their advertisements or websites by measuring what their audience sees, feels, and what excites them while viewing clients’ content.

The ease at which Mind Trace operates is simply great

On Mind Trace’s platform, clients simply create a new experiment with the content they want to test. This experiment can then be accessed via a link that the clients sends out to their testers. In case the clients don’t have any testers, Mind Trace can send it out to its testers. These testers then click on the link and within their browser they receive some instructions and are then asked to provide access to their webcam. After they do, a quick calibration starts and they view the content of that experiment. At the end, they receive a thank you and that’s it. Mind Trace collects all the data through the webcam, eye tracking, emotion tracking, and heart rate features. The processing and results are then compiled on its system. As soon as everything is finished, the customer is notified of their results.

The observation made the foundation

It all started during Dr. Adjmal Sarwary’s PhD time at the Donders Institute for Brain Research. There, Adjmal noticed that quite a few marketing people were running around the institute. That was quite surprising for Adjmal and the first thing he did was to ask ‘What are you doing here?’ The answer came pretty quick: ‘we want to know what people really think about our content.’ By content they were referring to advertisement videos, billboards, posters, etc. However, the way they were going about it was to use an fMRI ‘brain scanner’. If you had studied neuroscience for a while it would be very clear that the way they wanted to use the machines is not really how they work. “For me personally, this was still interesting though, as I was getting some input from the outside world that was not just my science bubble. Plus, from their perspective this is a valid and important question to ask,” Adjmal shares.

Adjmal and Dr. Ivar Clemens, the co-founders of Mind Trace, thought of a much simpler way to collect this type of information, rather than to use a super expensive piece of hardware, which is tied to one single location, and can only be used in series. And Mind Trace was hence born.

An appealing service that distinguishes Mind Trace

The service offered by Mind Trace is appealing to quite a few different industries. However, there is one overarching trend that seems to be emerging, which is that companies seem to be tired of the ‘same old’ approach of research, namely surveys and traditional focus groups. Adjmal believes that techniques to do market research for example have not changed much for a long time. On the other hand, companies do see massive advances in AI or web technologies in general. To them, this is a strong contrast. The benefits that set Mind Trace apart from most of its competitors is that clients get a much more detailed view of what the audience experiences. Simply put, with Mind Trace there is no ‘guessing game’ left to play. It is great to know how a person feels about the content they see. But if you don’t know what they actually looked at, you don’t know what led to that emotion. The same applies the other way around. Mind Trace completes the puzzle of insights to start real optimization.

The biggest advantage that cloud offers to Mind Trace is parallelization and accessibility, irrespective of the location. “It allows us to offer our service to many clients at the same time, no matter where they are. The same holds for collecting data, that our clients need. They can simply send out an access link, which their participants can use to access an experiment. Everything will be taken care of within the browser and multiple people can participate at the same time, no matter where they are. This creates a massive boost in convenience and speed of getting data and turn that into insights,” Adjmal adds.

The frontrunner’s contribution to the industry

As the CEO of Mind Trace, Adjmal’s biggest contribution to the company is that his focus lies on continuous learning. His training has been focused on scientific approaches, technical designing, and analysis. That knowledge does not have much to do with how things go in the business world if you think about sales or marketing. However, that is the part where the training comes in handy as it helps you approach these topics by breaking them down systematically. This is, according to Adjmal, his biggest contribution in addition to being able to link multiple facets of topics and industries together that MindTrace can then capitalize on.

Challenges and solutions while going ahead

The biggest challenge for Mind Trace is to convince people that technology can do what they say it can. To many, it still sounds like science fiction rather than science fact. The Mind Trace team noticed that the best way to approach this is not by being more rational or by referencing to a mountain of research papers, but simply by showing it. And the biggest advantage is that they can use their own tool to optimize this.

Going ahead, the company’s vision is to make its technology available to as many people as possible. More importantly, they don’t just want to focus on one industry but on many different ones. That is the power of their fundamental techniques, and that will be the driving factor of Mind Trace going into the future.

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