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Mirrors are timeless decoration pieces, not affected by fashion, and naturally attract the attention of the consumer. In fact, on average, women glance to their reflection 70 times per day during 21 minutes and men 80 times but only during 8 minutes. But what would you say, when you hear about mirror intelligence acquiring a place in our daily lives? It would be out of the box idea and fascinating at the time, wouldn’t it? When talking about mirror intelligence industry, the name that comes across first is actiMirror, the leading IoT smart mirror platform delivering real-time personalized experiences to consumers and data analytics insights to businesses. By using a high resolution display that turns on when activated by sensors and which also returns to beautifully designed and timeless decoration piece once the interaction is taken place, actiMirror is driving the next wave of IoT.

actiMirror is the leading smart mirror platform at the forefront of smart mirror technology that delivers Real-Time Personalized Experiences to consumers and Data Analytics Insights to businesses. The company is focused in the Retail, Hospitality, Fitness and Healthcare verticals.

Simply put, one can consider actiMirror as an oversized cell phone behind a true mirror. This means the company offers:

  • A scalable open platform: actiMirror allows a wide variety of customized Apps and User Experiences in the same way one uses its cell phone.
  • The power of digital: actiMirror has machine learning capabilities as well as data gathering and analytics insights along with a proprietary cloud management system to deliver a true 360 degrees omni-channel ecosystem.
  • A perfect mirror (NOT a screen): actiMirror is essential in most lines of business, particularly Retail, and instrumental to attract customer attention.
  • Innovative in-store customer journeys: actiMirror has integrated a wide variety of sensors in its mirrors, in fact more than you can find in your standard tablet or cell phone. The said sensors are to gather data and interact with your customers in real-time providing a resounding experience. Sensors can be as simple as a proximity sensor to detect a customer’s presence in front of a mirror, or actiMirror can detect anonymous biometrics (fully compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation) such as gender, age, ethnicity and even the mood of the customer to offer them different in-store user experiences.

Meet the maestro

The company’s Co-founder and CEO, Victor Ruiz is a Hong Kong based European entrepreneur with extensive global exposure having lived and worked in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Victor and his partners co-founded actiMirror in 2014 after a stint of 18 years delivering growth as a corporate entrepreneur for various Fortune 500 US and European corporations. Victor, over the last four years, has led actiMirror from being a Hong Kong start-up to become the global leader in its sector. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Silicon Valley, soon in Shanghai, and a network of international distributors.

Victor earned his Executive MBA at Kellogg-HKUST, ranked number one worldwide by the Financial Times.

Collect and analyze consumer data brilliantly

This IoT platform collects and analyzes consumer data to increase in-store traffic and grow sales while helping customers transform stores into omni-channel hubs and putting ‘Brick & Click’ under one roof. actiMirror also provides personalized and differentiating, in-store consumer centric experiences.

By going ahead of the competitors, actiMirror uses both custom designed as well as generic apps along with built-in sensors to display personalized media content in real-time; that is in addition to the customers’ reflection. Content is selected to match the consumers’ interests based on a combination of their anonymous demographic profiles and/or the objects they are trying, transforming the mirror to display: related interactive product demonstrations, augmented reality experiences, tutorials or infotainment videos to deliver high consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

Furthermore, the platform also collects and analyzes anonymous data from consumer interactions, such as sales conversion rates, in-store behavior, preferences, choices, etc. The brands, in turn, receive customized data analytics insights based on machine learning and apply to their specific metrics and KPIs to identify, calibrate and optimize targeted actionable business levers to increase in-store traffic and deliver sales growth.

“Our target is to consolidate actiMirror as the undisputed number one smart mirror platform for Retail Worldwide, getting a sizeable market share the Offline to Online Retail Trillion Dollar Opportunity,” Victor asserts.

Leading the industry from the front

The main difference between actiMirror and its main competitor is that actiMirror is a true mirror, while the competitors hold a screen display behaving like a mirror giving them issues within the cosmetics vertical where true mirrors are required. The competition’s price point currently is several times higher (!), making them non-scalable unless they dramatically improve their business model.

Furthermore, actiMirror is entering a commercial partnership with the undisputed number one augmented reality beauty platform with several million downloads worldwide providing the company with a large customer platform for scalability.

Overall, actiMirror is the successful integration of first mover advantage in a large not yet well signalled Offline to Online growing market in the cusp of taking off. actiMirror has a comprehensive pool of selected talent in complementary disciplines, backgrounds and industries. Also, actiMirror’s proprietary and disruptive technology for both consumers & enterprises along with the commercial validation, market presence and traction, gives the company a solid and achievable position of market power vs competition. Not to forget, actiMirror’s fair and attractive valuation and promising exit possibilities. Whether you are a business striving to offer the best digital touchpoints to your consumers or an investor, look out for this company. Because it’s going to be big!

For more information, visit actimirror.com

Management: Victor Ruiz, Co-founder and CEO


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