Making People Happy

It all started when he was 7 or 8 years old. He had every opportunity as a child and his parents were selfless who done everything for him. However, he wasn’t happy. He vividly remembers sitting at the end of his bed, upset, and with only one thought, “he wanted to help people.” He wanted to write a self-help book and speak on stage all around the world. He wanted to inspire, empower and enable people to be happy. At the time, he didn’t know how he would do it or what he would be talking about. Fast forward to 2018, he still tries everything he could to make an impact and give people the courage and tools to be happy. Dr Gary Tho’s journey is as inspiring as it gets.

A man on a mission to heal people from pain

Gary’s father were once healed by chiropractic, after spending his life-savings, twice, in vain with other treatments. His father was in the hospital every two weeks in Australia, before someone recommended him to see a chiropractor. And it was obvious that Gary wanted to do something along the lines. Since then, through work experience, Gary had met and observed many different chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths as well as medical clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Chiropractic seemed to resonate well and their results for their patients were inspiring.

Over the last 12 years as a chiropractor, Gary has specialized in pain relief and peak performance, working with top level athletes and with PMEB’s, the busy working corporate executive world, most of whom travel frequently for work and/or are also parents. Gary believes we all deserve to feel good, and be able to move freely. “I know that when we feel good in our body, we feel good in our mind. It’s easy to say mind over matter, but we also know our mind is infinite, so if our physical body can’t keep up, we won’t be any good. I’ve seen people who came in with wheel chairs, walk out without one. I’ve seen post stroke patients who after 2 visits are walking unaided. I’ve heard my clients exclaim “last night was the first night in a long time, that I’ve been able to sleep without pain”. As Kevin Trudeau said, “Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”. I want to let them feel that again,” Gary recounted.

When not treating patients, Gary is also a speaker and author and is best known for making solutions easy to follow, with maximum results. Some of his most requested workshops and corporate programs include Keep Fit When You Sit, Sit Straight, and Powerful Posture. Additionally, for some companies, like Barclays, Gary was asked to run multiple sessions of the same program to allow more people to attend the session.

The journey that’s worth every obstacles

The toughest parts of the journey, according to Gary, are marketing and getting his message out. Beside the self-doubt, and that type of thinking that I’m not good enough, Gary is also a private person, so he always puts his best foot forward. Gary mentions that his clients see the best of him, however, he is also a human and is slowly showing more sides of him, so that more people can relate to him and his personal story. “I’m also in the process of deep diving into myself to be certain and clear on what it is that I truly stand for. That way I can speak from me, as a person, rather than speak at people from a ‘professional’ perspective. I’m also reminding myself of my achievements and that I’m constantly inspiring, empowering and helping people daily. If I really am not good enough these great things wouldn’t happen, so that helps me to pull myself up and keep going,” Gary remarked.

One of the most rewarding parts of Gary’s journey was when he met a Monk who invited him to work a rural hospital in Cambodia. Since then, it has become an annual event for him, going to work for around 5-7 days each time. The hospital is about 2 hours out of Phnom Penh and people from all over come to the hospital to seek out Gary’s treatment (free of charge). He have had people come to visit him at his accommodation asking if he remembers them from a year or two before because he have helped get rid of the knee pain or spinal issues. Gary has seen post-stroke patients start to walk independently after 3 days of consecutive treatment. The people are genuine, kind and some man, after seeing him on day 1, drove around for 2 hours to pick up a bus load of people from various villages to bring them to the hospital because they otherwise would not have the means or transport to get there.

Committed to bringing you better health

Founded by Gary, ChiroWorks is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. The company’s primary service is to work with individuals one-on-one to relieve their pain, improve their health, performance and quality of life. Its clients include world class athletes, CEO’s, executives and working mums. Gary and team have created an INSTANT FREEDOM: Pain-Free for Life. 3-Step Freedom System that relieves their injuries aches and pains, realigns their body rewiring them for optimal functioning and reinforces their routines so that their body can keep up with their busy and successful lifestyle. Gary believes, through ChiroWorks, he is able to empower and enable people to live out their dreams.

“We are also very unique because every time we get a new client, a new testimonial or a sign up from our talks and workshops, we provide children in India, Cambodia and South Africa with access to education through our lifetime partnership B1G1 Business for Good. They don’t need to do anything – it’s already done! Over the last couple years, we’ve created almost 360,000 positive impacts around the world, including providing access to healthcare, clean drinking water or even income generating sources,” Gary commented.

An author who believes in portraying his message through books

Gary’s first book, The Pain-Free Desk Warrior, Free Yourself From Aches and Pains teaches those stuck at their desk for more than 2 hours a day what they can do to relieve their aches and pains, and improve their productivity and quality of life. Many times, we think getting well, or being more healthy takes a lot of work. Well it does, but Gary believes it’s the little consistent things that make the biggest impact. As such, Gary is publishing his second and third books by October 2018. One is “Good Posture in 10 minutes. Release tension, build muscle and be instantly taller and slimmer!” and will be a 90 day program delivered as a three-part program. The first begins with the basic requirements of good posture, and levels up the routine and practical knowledge for the second (intermediate) and third (advanced) books in the series. The other book is titled “Fall asleep in 10 minutes. 101 ways to sleep soundly every night.” Too many people suffer needlessly from poor sleep patterns. This book is essential as we know that sleep is a critical ingredient for good energy, productivity, creativity, mood, relationships and to just be happy.

It’s just the beginning

When asked if he achieved all that he desired, Gary answered, “I wish I could say that my hard work has finally paid off. In actual fact, it is only just beginning. There’s still so much more I want to do. We’ve run our first retreat in Lombok two months ago, where we created a space and opportunity to allow participants to enable their mind, and empower their body so that they can truly embrace life. We’re planning our second retreat and it’s almost 50% pre-booked the moment we settled on the date (22nd march 2019). As mentioned I am also launching 2 self-help books, Good Posture in 10 Minutes, and Fall asleep in 10 minutes. 101 ways to sleep soundly every night. There will also be another e-book to teach people how to massage and roll away their pains. This will have an accompanying online muscle release program which is all in the works right now.”

Gary, by going ahead, mentions that in the past and currently his INSTANT FREEDOM: Pain-Free for Life system was only available to those who work one-on-one with us. However, he is now looking at the possibility of making this available ‘in-a-box’ so people can take it home and DIY for themselves. Finally, a unique, never-been-seen before neck pillow is also coming into production in the coming months. There’s really nothing like it right now, and Gary’s goal is to allow people to travel and sleep with greater ease and relaxation.

Quote1: Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. I want to let them feel that again.

Quote2: I’m always reminding myself of my achievements and that I’m constantly inspiring, empowering and helping people daily. If I really am not good enough these great things wouldn’t happen, so that helps me to pull myself up and keep going.

Quote3: Giving back has sort of been a part of what I do for a really long time.

Quote4: Imagine life without pain. Imagine living without limitations. So I open an opportunity for you to get back the life you deserve, and better your best.

Quote5: I believe we can all create the life we deserve. Give yourself the gift of freedom.

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