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Ideas to Innovation: Have you ever wondered which aspects of your life haven’t been touched by the capabilities of a smartphone? Aren’t we dependent on this tool for almost everything right from working, banking, traveling, shopping to even learning? Even businesses are embracing mobility to enhance the efficiency of their workforce. This has led to tough competition among the mobile app development companies. As a result, many players fail to reach their set target. Often the reason for failure is attributed to the ignorance of app development companies towards one or the other fundamentals of mobility management. A common error committed by many business owners is to try to do everything themselves. They often end up doing too much without being experts in anything!

Apiumhub is a software development company that went beyond expertise to provide the best in the industry. Apiumhub brings together a community of software developers & architects, and partners with other experts to provide you with the best team to help you transform your idea into a powerful and scalable product.

Extraordinary belongs to those who create it.

The company was founded in Barcelona back in 2014. Over the years, the more experience they acquired working on design & development projects, the more it made sense to separate them. That’s why Apiumhub decided to focus on their core services: software architecture, web development and mobile app development. That’s how Apiumhub’s spinoff studio specialized in product management, user experience and design: North was launched. After doing some research, talking to clients and friends in the industry, they realised that in order to offer the best solutions, they need to create this network of experts in the digital industry, each one specialised in its own field, for example SEO, ASO, digital marketing, design, IoT, blockchain, tech lawyers, etc. Today, Apiumhub is a tech hub that reunites innovation, design and technology. Apiumhub covers the whole cycle of digital product development by collaborating with different partners, each one specialized in their own field.

‘What’s in a name?’ they say. Pretty much Everything!

Ever thought that a technology company could be named after a plant? Much of the apparent influence of names on behaviour has been attributed to what’s known as the implicit-egotism effect; we are generally drawn to the things and people that most resemble us. Apium has, and will always be, representative of their team’s identity.

Apium comes from the word Apium Graveolens, which is the scientific name for celery. Yes, celery, the vegetable. It has great benefits, just like the software they develop. What are the main benefits? It cleans your system, fixes all sorts of health issues and is preventive of various illnesses. So, it pretty much delineates the clean & healthy software at Apiumhub. There are various definitions to what a hub is, and one of them is “the effective centre of an activity, region, or network.” A hub can be seen as a common connection point, the centre of an activity or the central or main part of something where there is most activity. That’s what the founder of Apiumhub wanted to be; to be more than just a software development company, to be a tech hub that reunites innovation, design & technology. Quite logicical, isn’t it? Apiumhub! The green colour represents their fresh new start and, at the same time, gives a feeling of a clean renewal. In fact green can mean many things as for example growth, reliability, prosperity, mental clarity, renewal & safety. And let’s be honest, they just love the colour!

Complementary skill divides the tasks and multiplies success.

Evgeny Predein and Christian Ciceri are the co-founders of Apiumhub. They worked for big companies like Roche, Aigues de Barcelona, NTR, Intersystems, Ono, Telefónica, Accenture, etc., faced problems like lack of agility, flexibility or even endless timings for any modification, and above all, useless meeting. These hindrances made them exhausted and impossible to feel satisfied with their work, so knowing all pros and cons in the software development industry, they decided to join forces and open a new agile software development company, focusing on quality and best practices.

After going through sleepless nights, 20 hours working day, financial ups and downs, Evgeny and Christian had achieved what they dreamt of after years of diligence and determination. Apiumhub is a dream come true with a team of software cracks (leading developers and architects in Barcelona), efficient processes and project management, clients from all over the world (consolidated startups and big enterprises, for example: Nestle, Adidas, Axa, Carnovo, Cornerjob, Antai, Tous, Privalia, etc.) clear strategic vision for growth, network of experts in their field, segregated areas of responsibilities and a profitable business. Also, it is important to mention that co-founders were and are responsible for specific areas and each one has different profile. Yin and yang, maker and seller, dreamer and pragmatist, call it what you want, but it helped a lot to have a sustainable growth. Christian and Evgeny don’t have all the skills to run the company successfully, but they have complementary set of skills to do so together. On one hand, Christian is a tech guru. While on the other, Evgeny is a business development leader, an entrepreneur who gets their vision to the market. Another important thing to mention is – their shared vision & shared values; on the short and on the long term. They share the same vision and have common objectives; they lead the team to a common goal and transmit the same culture they want to create in the company.

Valued team, valued people!

To enter into Apiumhub is not that easy. Christian selects the best of the best, and people come to work not only for a good salary, but mostly for career opportunities and professional growth. Right now, in Apiumhub’s team, you may find DevOps, Software architects, Backend developers, Frontend developers, iOS developers, Android developers and Product Owners. Also, they have a marketing department that publishes software articles written by their team, organizes software architecture meetups in Spain, where Christian is the leading speaker, etc.

The success for Apiumhub is reflected in its growing team. A year ago, when the team started to grow without compromising quality, when clients started to recommend their team and of course when co-founders forgot what it means to count every cent before paying the salaries, Apiumhub saw itself achieving beyond the horizon. Now, Apiumhub is very well-known in Barcelona and on a daily basis they receive CVs of people, who are interested in working for them as well as requests from the clients with innovative projects. Now, Apiumhub office became a second home and second family for each member of the team, now everyone enjoys every moment spent together.

Envisioning a brighter future with smarter technocrats

Some of the current hottest trends are: NLP, Deep learning, Chat bots and Christian is an expert in it. What Apiumhub always tries to do is to offer solid software architecture, adding latest trends, which leads to scalability, high performance and cost reduction. The company has already worked on AI projects for big international companies and booming startups.

In near future, you will see the Apiumhub team growing, in terms of number of people and in terms of their professional level as well. As never stop growing is one of their values! Also, they are planning to open Apiumhub University to solve the talent scalability problem in Barcelona. Psst! One of their plans is to develop their own product!

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