Geospatial Legacy

Geospatial Legacy: The convergence of Mobile, Big Data, IoT, AI and VR has opened up unprecedented possibilities for business optimization and newer revenue streams. ‘Smart’ is the new phenomenon. Smart infrastructure, Smart Utilities, Smart city, Smart cars etc. The confluence of IoT, Machine Learning, AI and VR herald a new age of productivity. It also heralds a new age for mapping services and geospatial content. Enters Genesys – the only company which can claim to be an end-to-end partner for its customers – be it aerial survey and Pano imagery based development of 3D Smart City platform or feature extraction from LiDAR point cloud for creating HD Maps for Smart Cars.

With over two decades of rich experience, Genesys has executed the most complex projects in the Geospatial industry and continues to break new grounds. Genesys International Corporation Ltd, established in 1995, is a global IT Services company specializing in Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geospatial Engineering domain. Headquartered in India and with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Genesys operates 5 Geospatial production and software development centers in India. Genesys has operations in USA, UK, Europe and UAE.

Genesys has been delivering services to growing list of Fortune 500 and SME clients in USA, Europe, Africa, ANZ, UAE and India with most of its client engagements running into multi-year relationships. The firm has a unique blend of understanding the emerging consumer applications of mapping technology in addition to offering solutions based on traditional applications of the state of art Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Aerial Survey and Photogrammetry.

The rise and shine of industry giant

Genesys has seen significant growth from its formative years to reach close to 2000 employees today. The first phase of its two decade of journey saw Genesys being the first non-government company in India to start photogrammetric mapping. Starting from small offshore projects in photogrammetry and Geo-spatial mapping, Genesys made a big leap in 1997 by doing a large scale mapping of an entire country in the Middle East. Genesys came to be counted amongst the largest photogrammetry and orthophoto service provider in the Middle East. By 2000, the company had established itself in US while partnering with US companies on their mapping projects. In 2001, Genesys carried out the conversion of land parcels for the entire state of Tennessee (US). The challenging job of completing more than 3 million tax parcels was accomplished in less than 3 years. The company’s process driven approach made it India’s first GIS company to get ISO 9001 certification.

The following phase of its journey saw Genesys becoming the first Indian company to adopt LiDAR Mobile Mapping setting new standards in terrain mapping; the reason being LiDAR technology produced highly precise and accurate maps compared to other conventional sources. Genesys started providing LiDAR based services & solutions to many industries such as urban planning, telecom, infrastructure planning and management, forest, rail/road engineering, survey assessments, disaster management and volumetric calculations. Genesys was also the front runner to have entered the navigation mapping way back in 2006. Pioneering the BOT model, the company partnered with NavTeq to produce HERE maps (mobile based navigation maps) for Nokia. Furthermore, the large fleet of LiDAR scanners accompanied with 360 degree panoramic imageries has enabled Genesys to map more than 2,75,000 km in India in last couple of years and create the street maps of 54 Indian cities.

The final and current phase of Genesys’s journey is perhaps the most exciting one for the company. As spatial technologies play a key role in all smart technologies, high precision content is essential for a high precision world. LiDAR is emerging as a key new technology in creating the next generation map content and applications. Highly accurate maps are now required for the next generation of applications. Genesys has been at the forefront of smart city applications, advanced navigation maps and smart infrastructure. On the Autonomous Driving front, Genesys is already developing HD Map content which will become an integral part of the autonomous car ecosystem.

Pioneer of unique GIS services

Genesys provides conventional GIS services along with the latest new age technologies to wide range of industries – Urban, Transportation, Utilities, Infrastructure and Commerce. Its broad range of services include:

  • PHOTOGRAMETRY: Pioneer in Photogrammetry, Genesys has processed over 1.2 million sq km of Orthophotos / True Orthophotos at varying resolutions from multiple sensors. Genesys has executed Aerial Photography and GPS data collection in 15 countries across 4 continents – North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Genesys is a trusted provider of photogrammetry services for aerial triangulation, terrain modeling, orthophoto generations, DEM/DTM generation and 3D City Modelling. The company’s photogrammetry services enable clients to get highly accurate map and spatial.
  • LiDAR ENGINEERING: Genesys has the highest number of LiDAR equipment in the entire sub-continent, a dedicated team of experts for conducting Mobile, Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR survey. Like photogrammetry, Genesys is a pioneer in introducing LiDAR technology for Telecom, Road, Rail, Urban Planning and Management, cross-country O&G pipelines, irrigation, mining and forestry applications in India and overseas.
  • MAPPING: Genesys has vast experience in creating 2D & 3D Maps for host of industries. One of the most significant growth areas in the world of data is the area of data visualization hence the Geospatial industry is observing a shift from traditional 2D mapping to 3D rendering. The vast expertise and experience of Genesys to integrate GIS, CAD and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) services to produce 2D maps is now embracing technologies like LiDAR & VR to allow 3D visualization. Genesys has built significant capability in High Definition (HD) mapping for Autonomous Driving which requires very high accuracy levels.
  • BIMS: To meet the demand for better work in less time, Architecture, Engineer and Construction stakeholders want accurate building information. BIM is much more than just 3D visualization; it rather provides a complete process for creating and managing a building. It is a digitally supported process for planning, constructing and operating buildings.


Vision that keeps them exploring

At a macro level, Genesys’ resources are broadly aligned with its priorities. However, there is always a scope for re-allocating the company’s resources in the portfolio to drive greater growth. The overall vision for the company is spread over 3 Horizons for concurrently managing current and future growth opportunities.

Horizon 1: Over next 4-6 quarters, Genesys will Extend and Defend its core business that generates today’s cash flow (ROI, Profits). This means consolidating the India market share with core offering – Survey & Mapping with sharp focus on Infra, Urban, Telecom – largely driven by Government policy.

Horizon 2: Horizon 2 spread over 6-12 quarters is all about building Emerging Businesses and establishing Geo presence that will form a solid platform for tomorrow’s cash flow. Genesys sees several whitespaces for its differentiated offering in 3D Mapping and basic GIS services in the International markets.

Horizon 3: Horizon 3 is really looking at creating viable growth options by selectively looking at emerging high-growth business opportunities. This also includes identifying new market transitions proactively and partnering with or investing in or outright acquiring relevant disruptors across verticals of interest. For that, Genesys will be leveraging its Technology Partners, and/or by becoming part of ecosystems in the Silicon Valley or the Automotive OEMs to stay most relevant for its customers.

Meet a seasoned business leader

Recently joined Chief Executive Officer of Genesys, Kuldeep Moholkar is a seasoned business leader with over 21 years of experience across Consulting, IT Services and Engineering Services. Kuldeep joined Genesys from Wipro Ltd. where he spent the past 14 years in leadership roles across Sales, Delivery, Consulting, Competency Management and Business Operations. In his most recent assignment, he was the COO of Wipro Japan. Additionally, he also headed Strategy and Sales Transformation function for the Growth Markets Unit within the organization.

Kuldeep comes with a proven record of incubating and scaling up new businesses in his previous organizations. He has led multi-cultural teams across US, Europe, ASEAN, Japan, Middle East and India. Kuldeep’s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s ambition: gearing up for the future and high on confidence on Genesys’ capabilities to address international business. Genesys is poised for a major push in the overseas markets with diverse service offerings and the company is excited what Kuldeep’s unique experience in the market can bring for them. There is enormous opportunity for Genesys that lies ahead, and they want to transform themselves to make the most of it.

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