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In today’s modern era of technology, everyone uses mobile phones, and we all have tons of contacts on our devices. However, it is not always possible for us to identify each person calling, mostly because we might not have them in our contact list. It could either be a friend or it could be a telemarketer. Thus arises the most important question: whether to answer the call or not?

Faced by a similar dilemma, Amit On, the Founder and CEO of CallApp, decided to create proprietary algorithms using smart data, which will allow you to have information and details about the person calling you. This algorithm is the backbone of CallApp, a free caller ID and call blocker application that allows smartphone users to block calls, identify telemarketing calls, record calls, blacklist unwanted callers and much more.

CallApp is the most comprehensive caller ID app with the ability to identify over 3 billion unknown callers and update your contact list with complete information from social media platforms. Today, the app has won several awards and is integrated with over 60 information sources. Supported in over 200 counties, CallApp combines your dialler and local search platform to give you access to people and places all in one convenient location- your dialler.

The beginning of going beyond!

Amit started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. At age 14, he started his first tech company, which was a very popular BBS. When he was 16, the internet arrived in households and changed his life forever. While still in high school, Amit worked for 2 different start-ups, both were acquired by larger companies later on. Moving on a few years later, at age of 18, Amit’s passion and leadership qualities landed him a position in the IDF’s Special Intelligence Technology Unit.

Following the IDF, Amit joined a start-up called Followap as a developer. Once again, Amit excelled in his work and climbed the ladder all the way up to Chief Architect. Followap was later on acquired for approximately $140M by the U.S. company, Neustar. After his successes at Followap, he later on joined the start-up Amobee as the company’s CTO for 4 years. After years of hard work, Amobee was acquired by Singtel for approximately $340M. Amit has also played a major role in many other start-ups.

When he decided to create CallApp it was because of his personal experience that every time he made or received a call there was a lot of information missing. He knew that all of this information was already publicly available and thus wanted to create a solution for people to access this information in one easy to use place.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

If Amit is the brain behind CallApp, his team is certainly the backbone without whom CallApp would not have reached its present heights. They are not just a team of average developers. CallApps’s Research and Development team is filled with leaders of their country’s Special Intelligence Technology Units.

“We didn’t just take an open source Caller ID & Call Blocking code someone already created. Instead we took smart data to create proprietary algorithms, which are now the backbone of CallApp,” says Amit. Moreover, what makes CallApp so great is that the users are actively helping in blocking calls and tagging spammers. One reason people download the app is to get rid of telemarketers, therefore it is known that the users want to be shielded. With this being said, the users take an active part in CallApp’s service by flagging telemarketers, so others can gain the benefit of not being hit with spam calls.

Exceptional people know doing their best is all they can do.

Amit and his team have created a breakthrough technology that has revolutionized the world we live in today. CallApp is a comprehensive call management solution that gives you all the necessary information you need about who is calling you. They truly provide the best “Caller ID” space available on the market.

CallApp provides a full-blown communication ID including identification for phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages, etc. It is a known fact that people like personalization and that is exactly what CallApp gives them. Their Caller ID gives you a fully personalized experience about the person calling; the name, mutual friends, photos, etc. It is different for every person and that is what makes them stand out. Sure, the name will be the same, but the rest of the details are customized to the user and context.

The CallApp Platform connects each phone to its universal social contact book of over 3 billion phone numbers using algorithms to correctly identify people and businesses. The CallApp community defends each other by reporting spam calls, so these reported numbers are instantly blocked for other users.

Apart from this, they have recently released the most advanced and highest quality Call Recorder on the market free of cost within the app. Moreover, for all of those numbers from your messaging apps, CallApp has launched a feature called CallApp Plus, which recognizes any number that goes through your messaging apps. Thus, allowing you to put a name, profile, and context to those nameless numbers. Some other features CallApp has are comprehensive profiles for each user, advanced reminders, the ability to share contact details, fun birthday reminders, and much more.

Being unique is better than being perfect.

Apart from the fact that CallApp is not just a Caller ID app, there is also no other app or platform on the market that provides the same usability and information that they provide to the users. CallApp can truly replace your phone’s native dialler and contact list. The value that CallApp brings to the user alone separates it from its industry competitors. They like to concentrate on the social world and giving users the best experience possible is their main focus. As many people today use social media, incorporating it into the app allows CallApp to give its users a much more personalized experience. In addition to this, the team at CallApp is always on the lookout for testing new ways to increase the performance and user experience of CallApp. Every feature is fully tested and made sure to be of highest quality. “Anything less than perfect for our users is not acceptable for us. We never release a new feature just so we can put it in our app description,” adds Amit.

Currently, CallApp is the most liked Caller ID app in the world. They have over 37 million users and an ever-growing community of supporters. In the coming years, CallApp aims to launch some industry-changing innovations. They believe that the communication industry has room for infinite growth and CallApp will be the one to pave the way towards future development.

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