Women’s Day Special Edition 2020

Spring | 2020

Womens Day Special Edition 2020

Women Influencing Success in Every Sphere

Sheryl Sandberg once said, “I want every little girl who’s told she is bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.” What an incredible thought. We often limit the potential of women with a traditional mindset. She should not be too loud, she must behave, she should be presentable, she should be well mannered with a hushed tone. Well, why don’t we think otherwise? Why can’t we accept her the way she is and highlight her qualities and potential than criticizing her flaws? Some women asked themselves these questions, and they became the reason for the remarkable change that was brought about in the society.

Women started taking a courageous step out of their comfort zone oblivious about the consequences and ventured out on their own. They started becoming risk takers and influencers. Steadily as their power spread, every woman started recognizing her value and learned that she is capable of much more than cooking and cleaning. She boldly entered every field, be it education, political, medical or business, women started increasing in number and performed their tasks exceptionally well. This was the time the world witnessed the power of women when they proved their potential as lawyers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Today there are varied industries that women can handle better than men. Their intellect and confidence make them inspiring leaders with a strong opinion, and they are no more fearful of voicing it out in a male dominant society. Women have redefined success. Another important aspect that makes women awe-inspiring personalities is their amazing ability to multi-task. Although they have gotten into the field, they still manage to make a cozy home for their loved ones. Now that is what we call women empowerment. 

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