Vee Technologies: Delivering Extraordinary Outcomes

The process of digitization has created a wave of success amongst many leading industrial sectors and so Healthcare industry too has been a major beneficiary. Going in tune with the paperless and online transactions, EMR-HER has played a pivotal role, in taking operations to the next level. Though EMR-HER has eased out many a complex processes which were hitherto very time consuming, there is a need to always keep the process, compliant, with the ever changing technology trends, at all times. One company, which has been keeping up with the ever changing trends in the healthcare industry since 2000 is Vee Technologies.

Providing formidable services to every client

Vee Technologies, today, excels in providing a complete healthcare solution. Its ambitious journey was started by venturing into revenue cycle management. Vee Technologies was privileged to associate with one of the top ranked insurance companies, in the United States of America, as its first client. The insights and experience gained from this association, inspired us immensely and boosted team’s confidence to move into health information management outsourcing industry. With an extensive understanding and knowhow of the healthcare sector in the US, Vee Technologies has the expertise to meet any challenges, arising from both, payers and providers which gave us the momentum into the healthcare sector.

Vee Technologies extends its services equally to both Healthcare payers and Healthcare providers, in the USA. By associating with the company, healthcare providers can look forward to a range of services which include end to end healthcare information management and revenue cycle management. Similarly, the healthcare payers sectors are also at an equal advantage as medical coding, risk adjustment optimization, independent clinical reviews, DRG Validation, claims management, member management, contact center services, and network data management, complete a list of formidable services on offer. For both, the healthcare payers as well as the healthcare providers, Vee Technolgies extends its quality services in the IT and Analytics sectors too.

Fearless approach to meet the goals

The emergence of the cloud platform has given a new dimension to many ambitious projects. Vee Technologies, through its continuous and meticulous research, is abreast with the changes in technology. In addition, Vee Technologies is proud to have the continued support of its own University, The Sona University, which serves the company with exquisite talent to choose from, in the form of ambitious youngsters, who are keen to contribute to the growth of the organization. In addition, Sona University’s acclaimed R&D center is a value addition to all the firm’s clients.

Vee Technolgies, to its credit, has a well-established quality of service that results in extraordinary outcomes for its clients every single time. The presence of an onsite operation team to coordinate and be a Single Point of Contact (SOP) for the clients in the US, and domain experts with a technical knowledge in the latest platforms, have resulted in establishing longstanding partnerships with clients, spanning 7-10 years, which is rare in the industry.

Being the first choice amongst the choicest of clientele

Accuracy, competency and teamwork, resulting in extraordinary outcomes, have been the hallmarks of success in the journey of Vee Technologies. Fearless approach to meet its goal irrespective of any quantum of challenges makes Vee Technologies, the first choice amongst the choicest of clientele.

Vee Technologies has continuously focused on giving quality rich services to all its global clients, by embracing new technologies and developments. The healthcare industry, today, is surrounded with innumerable challenges. Persistent amongst them at various levels are the fee-for-service and population health schemes. Vee Technologies knows that with a majority of payers and ACO’s focusing more on analytics to study the risk factor in patients to keep them hopeful and confident as well as the induction of Artificial Intelligence, to make the processes, more automated, there is an immediate need to clearly and completely understand the technologies behind process automation, like, NLP, Machine Learning etc. Realizing the same, Vee Technologies now plans to enter into Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence platforms, which are much in demand and include these technologies towards developing value added, quality rich, products for its global clients.

A dynamic leader with great business acumen

Chocko Valliappa, the great grandson of visionary freedom fighter, industrialist and philanthropist, Karumuttu Thiagaraja Cheittiar, has been a leader par excellence and a true inspiration to Vee Technologies family. Combined with a passion for using technology, in niche development areas and a vision of an entrepreneur, he has been able to establish a link between the market requirements and the capabilities of Vee Technologies. Since the last two decades, Chocko Valliappa’s contributions have been unparalleled, in helping Vee Technolgies, serve the top ranked hospitals and insurance companies, in the United States, with quality services.

Chocko has held key positions in administration, international business and operations, corporate affairs, strategic planning and marketing, and planning of corporate policies. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of European, Asian, & Pan American markets and a comprehensive expertise in forging alliances and joint ventures of strategic importance. Furthermore, he is one of the founding members of the YEO Bangalore chapter.

Chocko also has a great passion for empowering the community. With this aim in mind, he established Sona Yukti Pvt. Ltd., which provides skill-based training with a strong industry focus. He is also the Vice Chairman of Sona College. With his varied experience in education, industry-focused skill development, technology, and a traditional industry background, he is guiding Vee Technologies to reach the heights of success on a global scale.

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