VantagePoint ai, LLC: Empowering Traders for Four Decades

Traders around the world boast the uncanny ability to make money irrespective of whether the market is moving up or down. However, this should not lead one to believe that trading is an easy money- making opportunity; rather, it requires a sound knowledge of the market, a disciplined mindset, the right analytic tools and some much-needed skillsets.

Many people enter into the trading world with this mistaken belief that it is the easiest way of making money. Contrary to popular belief, it is the easiest way of losing your money. Trading is not meant for the faint hearted and the battle goes beyond the trading hour, before even the opening of the market, but through a disciplined and knowledgeable approach.

For 40 years, VantagePoint ai, LLC, a stock forecasting company, has dedicated its mission towards one goal – to empower traders daily. It seeks to help traders by enabling them to make more effective trading decisions. The company boasts a rich history and is the first ever commercially successful trading software that utilized artificial intelligence.

The Humble Beginning

VantagePoint, previously called Market Technologies, was founded by Louis B. Mendelsohn back in 1979. A time when the use of personal computers was little to none, a time when floppy disks were just invented, a time when there was no internet or cell phones! Naturally, back then, people who were trading the markets were charting the numerical figures by their hand owing to the lack of technological advancements. However, Louis saw an opportunity therein; an opportunity to bridge the gap between technology and financial markets.

It was laborious and extremely time-consuming, yet Louis had his sight set and knew exactly what he wanted through the software and developed the very first trading software in the world that had the capability to conduct historical strategy back testing and simulations on a personal computer.

In the late 1980s, Louis saw a real shift in the market. The global stock market crash of 1987, famously known as the Black Monday, was surprisingly a milestone in the mind of Louis. He saw it to be a clear indication that the market is becoming more and more globalized and integrated and Louis embarked on a journey to bring forward a new disruption in the market – Artificial Intelligence.

The Integration of AI

Louis realized that the continual focus placed on individual markets was quickly becoming obsolete. Thus, he started to develop intermarket analysis software that looked at how global markets affect each other. Growing up, Louis went to Carnegie Mellon University and was fondly involved in the various areas of mathematics. This helped him to grasp the subject of AI better. Although the concept of AI wasn’t as broad as today, there were a number of researchers who were leaders in the application of AI back then. Louis started looking at the various aspects of AI and researched it thoroughly. His study led him to the conclusion that AI was the right tool for successfully implementing his concept of intermarket analysis. This resulted in his company releasing the first commercially available, AI-driven, intermarket analysis trading software for PCs in 1991, the VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software.

For Louis, the biggest challenge behind his move to integrate AI was the lack of development in the personal computer space. The computer power which was necessary to perform trading actions and allow AI to learn through the same just wasn’t developed enough during that time. This prompted Louis to rent time on a minicomputer and use accelerator boards in PCs with a hope to beef up the computer power. Even though the concept of AI dates back to the 40s, the computing power, especially for personal computers, hadn’t reached the required level.

The Present Day Scenario

Following his father’s footsteps, Lane Mendelsohn entered into the trading industry back in 1993 and has since then shouldered the company towards unmatched success as the President of VantagePoint ai, LLC. As a child, Lane had developed a keen interest about the financial markets, the trading patterns, and how the company operated. Today, he has helped educate thousands of traders and has helped steer them ahead to be successful in the trading pursuits. His expertise surrounding trading software and his vision of empowering traders daily has led to the launch of successful educational websites that are solely dedicated towards helping traders for absolutely zero cost.

The father and son duo have helped establish a global name for the company with a striking customer base of over 30,000 worldwide. Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida, the multi-million-dollar trading company boasts a global footprint that reaches out to more than 140 countries. The company stands at the forefront of trading software research and software development. Its work is rooted in the application of AI-based technologies to the intermarket analysis of today’s globally interconnected financial markets by utilizing a powerful, mathematical, pattern recognition, tool known as the neural networks.

VantagePoint realizes that it can be a stressful experience when one is not entirely sure of their trading decisions. The company offers that much needed confidence and clarity amongst traders by providing them with relevant information which helps them to act on those decisions. The company is proud to help its customers attain the success which they had desired through their trading activities and has been doing so for the past 40 years and will continue to be the story over the course of the next 40 years and beyond!

Miles Ahead than Others

It is seen that most newsletters, software programs, or information sources look into a single stock in isolation. This is how Lane explains it, if they’re looking at Apple, they’re solely looking at the price action, fundamentals, and news about Apple. These sources have their blinders on, and what they are not allowing for is to look from a 360-degree global perspective. But Lane knows that in this day and age if one aims to gain an edge in today’s global markets, one needs to have a global approach; an approach that was duly followed by Louis back in the 80s.

Unlike others, VantagePoint gathers all the data and uses the same to make its forecast. Instead of viewing that single stock in insolation, the company looks at the bigger picture. It follows that up by using artificial intelligence to predict the likeliest occurrences with a high degree of accuracy. This is something that one doesn’t find anywhere else and this is the very reason why VantagePoint has enjoyed a tremendous rate of success and expanded its customer base over the years.

A True Market Frontier

With a stunning proven accuracy of up to 86%, VantagePoint forecasts Futures, Forex, ETFs, and Stocks. By using artificial intelligence, the patented Neural Network tool of the company helps predict the changes in each market and the direction it might take 1-3 days in advance. This information and data provide traders the opportunity to confidently get in or opt out at the precise moment.

The uncanny predictive accuracy acts to be a major boon for customers, as it gives them the opportunity to pull the trigger at the right time. This was something that was unheard of before the inception of the company.

With a team of proficient executives, engineers, customer care professionals, and developers behind its back, VantagePoint is driven by the thought of seeing trading solutions which others overlook or fail to deduce. The company operates with a determined and focused entrepreneurial drive and consistently pushes itself to think out of the box. This ambitious and visionary approach has helped the company to maintain its long-standing position as the leading provider of intermarket analysis software for the individual trader. According to the company, “With nearly four-decades and more than $10 million dollars of research and development invested, we help traders preserve their hard-earned capital and create real wealth.”

Moving ahead, the company aims to continue on its trail of refining and updating its software to make it even more user-friendly and easier for the customers to gain profit from its increasingly accurate forecasts.



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