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A platform that understands employees and boosts their wellness as well as performance

For modern day organizations, artificial intelligence and its subset, machine learning, isn’t about sci-fi and a sparkling, automated future. Rather, AI-based innovation is an apparatus to be utilized today to build a better tomorrow. In the specific case of employee analytics, organizations are on the cusp of having the capacity to leverage AI to refine, even redefine, a large number of its primary functions. Basically, artificial intelligence is a broad-based label to advancements that use algorithmic processing to change immense measures of information into actionable insights. Such technologies have just progressed toward becoming backbones in modern society through specific uses like Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, and Google’s Predictive Engine. Organizations and enterprises have such elevated desires for AI, truth be told, that total expenditures in the technology are anticipated to ascend to $47 billion by 2020.

Today, AI teams up with big data so as to give metrics and forecasts that organizations can use to amplify efficiency and effectiveness across almost any segment of operations. Concerning employee analytics, AI can be a valuable disruptor in a wide assortment of uses. The latest artificial intelligence has to the ability to provide useful data-driven insights in the form of employee analytics. These platform speak to the fate of work, encouraging trust amongst manager and employee by creating transparency in the workplace. Objective data has the ability to give managers unprejudiced data about their team, enabling them to effectively assess performance, direct endeavors to enhance commitment, align people with fitting roles and opportunities, and create teams based on aptitudes, similarities and difference.

Understanding how AI could become employee’s ally, Ankur Modi and Mircea Danila Dumitrescu founded StatusToday to transform the workplace. Being the world’s first employee insights platform that helps companies boost employee wellness and transform workplace productivity, StatusToday’s analytics platform creates a continuous data driven feedback loop between managers and employees. The system analyzes metadata to compare companies, and creates actionable insights. You can understand how your employee behavior compares to others in your industry, their email responsiveness or if they are overworked outside office hours. StatusToday eliminates the need for endless surveys, inefficient meetings and expensive consultancies.

A productive workplace is a successful workplace.

The two founders met at Entrepreneur First (EF4) and were part of the first cohort of non-graduates. They believed that most companies and managers do not understand their employees. Therefore, StatusToday initially set out to use AI for cyber security, specifically by analyzing a company’s internal online comms and other network activities to find rogue employees or human lapses in security. However, the company has since widened its offering, which launched in beta in 2017, to be a more comprehensive employee insights service powered by AI. StatusToday, today, plugs into various online company tools, such as those from Microsoft or Google. The platform then uses meta-data pulled in from these systems and artificial intelligence to analyze employee actions, thus empowering companies to attain better visibility of how their workforce is working and to make developments accordingly.

It’s not about being first. It’s about being the best.

AI and machine learning companies, by-and-large, naively believe that technology will change the world. It is not technology, but people who change the world. “When I left Microsoft to found StatusToday, I wanted to focus on using AI on an operational basis — to focus on people rather than a gimmick. This is reflected in what we do — we aren’t here to build technology for the sake of it. The mission of the company is to change the way you work,” Ankur asserted.

The $78B HR Tech and Consultancy market is growing at over 10% annually. Over the last century, consulting firms have offered workplace transformation as a core service. The workplace transformation has brought a disruptive value-added differentiating element in a vastly competitive market where novel needs have emerged: mobility, self-care, social media, seamless experience across multiple devices and global collaboration. However, these services are subjective, expensive, not repeatable, and moreover take months. Contrary to these, StatusToday gives managers actionable recommendations without spending millions or burning countless hours analyzing feedback. Till date, StatusToday has analyzed 350 million actions from 175,000 employees. That’s pretty big numbers, aren’t they?

The true entrepreneur is a doer. Not a dreamer.

When asked to give advice to the young entrepreneurs, Ankur replied, “When you get a chance to lead a business whose mission you believe in, you can’t just get tired and stop. You have to keep going at all costs— it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what else you have going on in life. If you have a real opportunity to transform an industry and embody a vision for the future, but choose not to do it, then there is something fundamentally broken about your claim to be an entrepreneur.”

Going ahead, StatusToday’s focus over the next 12 months is to scale up the operations to onboard more SME and large enterprise users and effectively position itself as an employee analytics market leader.

Meet the pioneers

Ankur Modi is the Co-Founder and CEO of StatusToday. He is an expert in big data with a unique specialization in Psychology from Oxford University. Prior to StatusToday, Ankur was Project Manager and Software Engineer at Microsoft, leading international efforts behind MS Office, Office 365 and Dynamics for projects now used by over 100 million people worldwide. He is also an Expert Adviser on AI to the Westminster Parliament has been awarded with Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce.

Mircea Danila Dumitrescu is the Co-Founder and CTO of StatusToday. Before StatusToday, Mircea established himself as a highly technical enterprise architect and adviser. He led innovations focused on system security and IT scale such as at Just-Eat and Kurt Geiger for millions of users. Mircea is an established technical leader in large scale cloud infrastructure. Awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce.


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