Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, Trident Solutions, Health, GenConnect to 15 fastest growing careers and Benefits for Success to community programs

We network with companies, security, public safety and core values in people. You can create a call to action, receive coaching on interviews, resumes, skill gap training and other support at an affordable rate or at no cost. You can receive support for tasks and additional support for other responsibilities.

Unlike certificates, these activities may be provided in various online settings to virtual or in-person.

Since COVID-19 analysis, face mask recommendations in April 2020, and best practices, new tools including giving companies/private industry, other countries, and individuals the ability to upload videos/webinars and job boards at You receive methods to collaborate and can offer support for training, health, communities and support in countries to improve lives. Professionals can support skill gap analysis, hiring, and combat global COVID-19, health safety challenges utilizing science, technology, data and other methods in countries. You receive support from various companies from Health, GenConnect Recruiting, and Benefits for Success to community programs.

We provide scientific initiatives, project management and business administration for individuals, organizations, businesses, non-profits, youth, and professionals. We serve as a trusted business with knowledgeable resources and services to provide data analysis, assessments including face coverings recommendations, and

Companies and individuals can sign up using an electronic device. You can upload videos/webinars, job boards, view videos and careers

It is an USCFR global approved ambassador for partners including recruitment agencies, diversity, training, businesses, communities, talent development, health clinics, family expos, volunteers and vital living. When enlisting their core competencies, the following is a major role in differentiating them from other platforms:

· Contract development technology initiatives

· Collaborate with community developers, private industry, small and large businesses, and nonprofits

· Interactions for technology, job boards, training, guidelines, and other programs

With TIG, professionals can support skill gap analysis, recruitments, and combat health and safety challenges when armed with scientific initiatives, technology, project management, science and business administration tools, data, and other offered on TIG and other entities in countries.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is planning a mental health app and establishing products with local businesses to global. Mental health includes certified counseling, research, mental health, associates and professional/clinical supervision, CPEs, businesses and security include Trident LLC.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated,  

Alicia Carroll, President and CEO  

WOSB, Vendor, PM, PMBA, Engineering
Toll Free: 888-214-1033
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600 Boulevard SW Huntsville, AL 35802

3408 Wall Triana Highway Unit 21133, Huntsville, AL 35813
Tech Innovation Global Inc.(Registered SBA)


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