Sr. Technical Manager at Visium and Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, Trident in development, boards and resumes with licensed experts

Jobs change daily and more often requirements. 

The jobs boards are located

For entry-level, individuals to apply are Seniors. 

Also at see a list of summer jobs and part-time jobs

Here’s other job research:

       Find the company you want to work for

  A company employee evaluates every application and resume to determine if the applicant, based on the applicant’s submitted application or resume, qualifies for the job opening(s)

       Talk to friends, relatives, vendors, customers, anyone you can find

       Check out management and employees on social media

       Leverage the knowledge

       Be productive

       Create a portfolio to get the job, job-shadowing, apprenticeships,

       Use a referral

       Talk about how the company will benefit from hiring you

       Ask for the job

       Make an immediate impact in the role

       Nearly 61% of Americans earned a two- or four-year degree. Fewer than 40% of college graduates are working in a field that is directly related to their college major five years after graduation. Employers are interested in the graduates’ ability to use their education.

At Tech Innovation Global Incorporated. We include individuals, professionals, industries and other services.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated utilizes experience in data analysis, science, and market research. You can register and purchase services at

Contact: USFCR Alicia Carroll, WOSB/MBE 888-214-1033


Contact recruiter at 850-792-8033 (Florida) 

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Author(s): USFCR Alicia Carroll

Recruitment 7 May 2021

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