Social Learning Outperforms Remote Learning

Social Learning Outperforms Remote Learning: Practical knowledge boasts much more importance alongside fundamental concepts. If the employees of an organization are not aware of the ground realities and they do not know how to work from the base-level, it is impossible for the organization to grow. This is one of the major reasons why the freshly employed workers are encouraged to opt for a remote learning session where they work in remote locations, setting up the base and simplifying the work for the upcoming generations. Remote learning has its own advantages and no one should neglect that, however, with the changes in the modern day working style and its implementations, the organizations are not satisfied with involving only remote learning into their regular curriculum.

How is social learning outperforming remote learning:

Even when an employee is sent for a remote learning session, the entity makes sure that the particular person is connected virtually with them so that there is a proper balance with respect to the work and also to make sure that the person does not lose his or her interest while working. However, if we consider the aspect and the importance of social learning, it can be stated that this act has a prolonged effect and influence on the people. Considering social learning through the traditional way, it is obvious that this method is extremely popular as people find their comfort zone with the other co-workers and seniors; this is the main reason why they are interested to learn more and to absorb more amount of knowledge.

The effectiveness of social learning has not at all decreased in the present era. On the other hand, it has gained a new shape and form after the evolution of the renowned social media platforms. Through these virtual platforms, it is comparatively easier to engage the people and this process does not involve much complexity. This is the reason why a majority of the organizations prefer social learning over the simple remote learning; rather they are blending both methods to initiate a smooth conversation. For example, the entities are nowadays implementing the social learning in the remote learning with the involvement of the virtual groups or forums through which one can gain knowledge, being at any place at any point of time.

With the changes in the current and the upcoming trends, it is believed that these new introductions will result in a refined work environment which will lead to a desired rate of production.


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