Spring | 2020

Inspiring Thought Leaders Paving the Way for Global Transformation 2020

Editor’s Corner

Thought Leaders of a Progressive Generation

Leaders are defined by their skills; good leaders are defined by their followers, but great leaders are recognized by their work. These leaders inspire, influence and initiate a wave of change that lasts for generations. History has witnessed the works of such amazing thought leaders, who have transformed the existence of mankind and they keep getting better with every changing era. In the present time, technology and innovation has advanced to a vast extent that equips these leaders to think, create and innovate.

Beyond Exclamation applauds the works of such influential thought leaders and has dedicated this issue titled, “Inspiring Thought Leaders Paving the Way for Global Transformation” to their remarkable contribution. Featuring as our cover story is the journey of a great leader Dr. William M. Wilson, President of Oral Roberts University. Encouraging the young generation to grow in knowledge and excellence, making better opportunities available for them and helping people learn is just a gist of his amazing works. His dream of being a sportsperson may not have been fulfilled, but he became an inspiring thought leader who has been instrumental in fulfilling the dreams of thousands across the globe.

We have also highlighted the innovative ideas of a few more exceptional leaders who have influenced a global change by their notable works. Inclusive are the success stories of John S. Shegerian, Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI Direct, Pae Natwilai, CEO of Trik, Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder and CEO of Start Up Canada, Daniel Bunse, CEO of Rethink Robotics, Zia Hayat, Founder and CEO of CallSign, Paul Bosley, Founder of Marisol Cruz and COO of Business Finance Depot, Cole Sirucek, CEO of DocDoc, Bouan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Clean Up and Viridiana Romero, a software engineer who is passionate about data science and machine learning. These are the masterminds who are paving the way for global transformation not only with the help of technology but with a passion that knows no limitations.

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