Inkwell Cards: Offering a Modern Twist to a Traditional Approach

Inkwell Cards: Offering a Modern Twist to a Traditional Approach

In order to do anything in our lives, we must start from the beginning; we must take the first step. However, taking the first step is easier said than done. It is what determines and welcomes change, and change is a daunting prospect.

But unlike others, Andrea Loborec was willing and determined to take the first step; she was willing to tackle her self-doubt and steer past the idea of rejection and failure. She is the CEO and Founder of Inkwell Cards, who took the first step and steered her company towards success. Herein, Beyond Exclamation proudly looks into the journey of Inkwell Cards and Andrea Loborec towards business transformation.

More than just Cards

For Andrea, cards have always had a special place in her life. “My mom used to tuck notes in my lunch on Fridays when I was in elementary school. I had pen pals from exotic places around the world and I loved receiving their letters which came covered in foreign stamps,” Andrea recalls.

When she sees handwritten text on a greetings card – words written specifically for her – she mentions how special it makes her feel. “You know that card was picked with you in mind and the time was taken to write those words specifically to you.”

In her view, handwritten messages are the epitome of thoughtfulness. The reality, however, is that the art and sincerity of the written message is quickly fading away and handwritten messages are being replaced by text messages and e-cards. Through Inkwell Cards, Andrea has decided to bring back the old-fashioned touch of handwritten messages through the modern touch of technology.

Turning her Dreams into Reality

Andrea always had an inherent entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to lead people. From opening a lemonade stand in her parents’ front yard to owning and operating a licensed coffeehouse while going to University, Andrea has always enjoyed being her own boss and turning her dreams into a reality. She is quick to point out that “When it’s your business you have no one to blame but yourself for missteps, but at the same time when things work out, the sense of accomplishment is huge.”

She finds this inspiration to stay dedicated and passionate as an entrepreneur from fellow female entrepreneurs in the city she lives in. She loves fierce lady bosses who are leaving their mark on the world. “It’s not an easy road and to see these brilliant minds putting themselves out there with creative ideas and hard work is very inspiring. I am greatly inspired by the support of my husband and my family. From day 1 they have always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, their belief in me inspires me to work hard and to succeed,” Andrea claims.

Key Moments that Stand Out

Andrea recalls the moment when for the first time an artist reached out to Inkwell Cards. The artist mentioned that she loved the work of the company and how she wanted to be a part of their business. Another moment that stands out for the company is when a large group of sales representatives signed up after they saw the products of Inkwell and loved the quality and design that was offered.

It was back in July 2018 when Inkwell Cards started wholesaling its greeting cards and today the company has its cards in almost 100 stores throughout Canada and the US.

Looking to bank further on this booming period for the company, Andrea mentions “We are less than 8 weeks away from launching our website which will make it seamless for individuals or large companies to send handwritten greeting cards to one person or multiple people within minutes, from anywhere.”

The Evolving Market Landscape

The greeting cards industry has been around for 100s of years, but the environment has drastically changed over the course of time. There is much more competition, and some amazing technology that adds gold and glitter and all sorts of add-ons that never existed before. There is definitely a huge market for those type of cards, however, Inkwell believes in simple designs that appeal to many on luxe stationary.

The company has taken great care and time in selecting its card stock, in order to ensure that both the look and the feel exudes quality. For the company, it was also equally important to have an environmentally sustainable and FSC approved product.

Inkwell is also unique in that it hand-selects each of its artists to ensure a fit within its brand and vice versa. “We are ultimately a platform for these artists to reach a broader audience.” Inkwell pays a higher royalty to the artists than the current industry standard to ensure that this relationship is nurtured and builds loyalty.

Services for All

For corporate clients, Inkwell believes cards to be a great way to recognize clients and colleagues and show them gratitude. They understand that businesses need a reliable and efficient way to do this for multiple recipients. Inkwell makes sending a handwritten greeting card just as easy as sending an e-card, whether it’s to one person or to 100 people.

Inkwell even has an option if you want to schedule a handwritten greeting card to be sent to a different friend or family member every month for 6 months or a year. The company offers a card of the month club where you can do just this.

Add to this, there is an option to send greetings cards to your friends and family members overseas, without even leaving your home. With Inkwell you can do all the above seamlessly without moving off the couch. The only thing you need to do is to select the perfect design for your card, write a message on a scrap of paper, input the address of the receiver and click on the send button. Inkwell takes care of the rest and they even pay for the postage!

Over the course of the next year, Inkwell is looking to expand its sales team across both Canada and the US and continuing growing its presence. The company is also hoping for the opportunity to get their greeting cards into a large retail chain.

“It is also a goal of mine to add a charitable element to my business, I have some ideas but nothing formal as of today. I would like to roll something out on this front within the next year,” concludes Andrea.

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