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I’m an image of perfection through the proper reflection

An intelligent mirror that reflects truth all things

Imagine looking into the mirror in your bathroom, getting ready for another day of classes or work, and asking the artificial intelligence in the mirror for the location of your next class, an update on your to-do list, and to order your Starbucks for pickup. These functions are now all possible with the MQ-Mirror designed by Oral Roberts University. ORU have cracked the code between leveraging Amazon Skills and the power of a mirror that is capable of not only retrieving all intelligence around the world, but also reflects it on your personalized mirror in text, audio, and video. 

These new conveniences with integrated technologies are amazing yet only the beginning of the real payback on making a major shift in society. Imagine a day when the skills and 

education of Dr. Jason Baemon  from the National Center for Wellness and Recovery can be programed into a mirror and allow instant help for people suffering with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and suicidal thoughts. What if these world-class skills could be instantly accessed in every home and allow people to get a reflection of not only themselves, but Dr. Beaman’s years of helpful experience.  This is exactly the capability of the MQ-Mirror.

 Expand the functionality even further and allow every minister to provide counseling, encouraging, and scriptural motivation for any individual around the world. ORU has already provided the template to allow every minister to leverage their best attributes, and people skills to help everyone in a more personal and immediate manner.

Varney Firenyika Taylor an ORU graduate and pastor at Bethel World Outreach Church. In his role of overseeing 327 worldwide youth groups around the world. He has first hand experience on the needs of young adults and has fallen in love with the capability of the MQ-Mirror. When Pastor Varney saw the MQ-Mirror in action, he immediately knew how he could apply it to help young adults. As a former professional Rapper, he put his skills to work and created the following Rap song for the MQ-Mirror – called reflection. The song can be heard here with the lyrics read below.

Verse 1


It feels like the prodigal son in here

The father and the Christ, one spirit and one image

The game of life got one victor, its one village,

In the body and it’s not one limit, to one pigment

The great chalice, a figment of imagination


Couple jewels call it fabrication,

Mad equation but I’m looking at a tragic nation

Sad and flagrant how we living out the path of Satan

But then we ask for grace, Blake

The problem is, we don’t ever try bother with the will of God in us

Even if we, God chilling, letting sinful heart kill us and lead us away

Instead of letting the cross listen, make the mission to pray

It’s real.

If God loves me, you should love me too.

And let the Spirit clean the streets off of ugly views

So we can give it to the streets

Be a village full of sheep and get a vision with the chief and you’ll be lovely too


No question

Ah ah ah ah ahh

I’m blessed man (still so bless)

No stressing

I’m an image of perfection          

No question

Ah ah ah ah ahh

Im blessed man (still so bless)

Were flexing

Im an image of perfection


My blessings are tied to my identity

Resemble thee,

Father who authors all of infinity

The things I don’t enter see

I just plan and intercede

Enter sea

Walking on that water like its meant to be

Its meant for me, cause greater is he within

Hate what I see within, but then

Looking at God, I see myself

Cause I’m made in his image

My lineage full of wealth

I’m pinning this, with his help

Though these sentences can be felt, Yo

A bad hand but the arch became even

On a bad route, not devote in what I believe in

Breathing, air is blessing when you ain’t stressing

Bout to send you in vesting and Word is your weapon,

I refer to His presence as a gift, I know He paid the price

With blood money, literal, because He gave His life

Came up short, standing on the Word, He gave us height

Right then I confessed, and gave me sight, see I’m blessed


No question

Ah ah ah ah ahh

I’m blessed man (still so bless)

No stressing

I’m an image of perfection


No question

Ah ah ah ah ahh

I’m blessed man (still so bless)

Were flexing

I’m an image of perfection



I’m an image of perfection, you can check with the source

He’s the one that I’m reflecting, blessings come from the Lord

Got some questions, stop the guessing, yes Im all for the cause

Manifesting His very essence, we call it His love

Call it HIs grace

The reason that I’m seeking His face, receiving a taste of what He gave

Believing by faith, that I’m like him, despite men, looking at race

He’s inviting every boy and girl to come and praise

This is the day that the Lord had made, know that its good

Just a display of how he saved all of the hood

I think you should take a look, deep down in the book

Like a mirror it will clear up everything you mistook,

Has a reason for living, time to see you’re forgiven, climb and see He is risen, now perceive what is written

As His children we are different cause we look like our paps

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