Create a Helping Home Service Industry with the TaskRabbit Clone

Who doesn’t desire quick help at one’s fingertips but very often does one receive it? However, thanks to the presence of technological innovations like mobile apps, it has become easier for humans all over the world to receive quick help as and when they need it as per their convenience.

Home services, in particular, that one needs for their house like cleaning, plumbing, etc., to name a few, one seldom finds a reliable and professional home service provider. But thanks to the TaskRabbit App, receiving quick help is no longer a matter of worry.

Below, we discuss in detail the TaskRabbit App that has transformed the overall face of the home service industry on a whole and has assisted the customers to receive quick help at their fingertips along with getting them connected to freelance labour and assisting the freelance labour to earn a good source of income along the way.

TaskRabbit App – About the App and Its Services

The TaskRabbit app was created in the year 2008 to help local demands get connected to freelance professionals, who, in turn, would assist them, in receiving quick services and provide assistance to them as and when they need it and help the freelance labour to earn a good income along the way and manage their daily organizational activities like appointments, payments, etc., to name a few.

The app has some of the most unique and exclusive features like book now or schedule for later, multiple payments, gallery, etc., to name a few, that helps the customer and the service provider to receive and provide quick home services like electrician service, cleaning service, mechanic service, plumbing service, etc., so on and so forth.

Due to the enormous popularity of the app, the home service industry, on a whole has witnessed a transformational and catastrophic change in its revenue.

According to a recent article that was published in the Home Service Sector in the Verified Market Research, it was quoted that the Global Home Services Market was valued at 281.65 billion dollars in the year 2018 and is expected to experience and observe a growth of 18.91 percent from the years 2019 to 2026 respectively and generate a revenue of 1133.40 billion dollars by the year 2026 thanks to the enormous popularity of the TaskRabbit App which in turn promises the flourishing and promising future of the home service industry in years to come especially thanks to the presence of the on-demand home service apps.

Now that we know the promising future of the home service industry thanks to the presence of the TaskRabbit App, let us understand the two main stakeholders of the home service industry.

Well, the two main stakeholders in the home service industry, in general, and the TaskRabbit App, in particular, are the customers and the home service providers.

Let us try understanding a little in detail about these two stakeholders, i.e., the home service providers and the customers.

Talking about the customers first, since finding quick help is not easy, with the aid of this solution, i.e., the TaskRabbit app, they (customers) are successfully connected to verified and professional home service providers and receive quick help as and when they need it for their houses and can track their location to know their exact time of arrival.

Next, coming to the home service providers, with the assistance of this solution, i.e., the TaskRabbit app, they (home service providers) can manage all the appointments made by them in a smooth and seamless manner, keep track of their earnings made by them and set their availability to perform the requests of the customers.

Thus, with the stakeholders easily being able to receive and provide quick home services from and to each other thanks to the TaskRabbit app, the solution has become popular, on a whole, among budding entrepreneurs, in particular, looking for a solution to digitize their home service industry and deliver quick home services to the customers and have motivated the entrepreneurs to adopt solutions such as the TaskRabbit clone for their home service industry so that they can amass huge profits and gain more customers and deliver smooth services to their customers.

Below we discuss in detail about the TaskRabbit clone and why it is a must-have for those wishing to digitize the services of their home service industry and earn hefty commissions and profits along the way.

TaskRabbit Clone – Definition and Why Your Home Service Industry Needs It

Talking about the TaskRabbit Clone, it is a solution with a modifiable and licensed source code to help the business owner customize it independently based on the changing needs of their business, customers and the region where they launch the solution, built using a powerful clone script to ensure that the users and the service providers can receive as well as provide smooth home services from and to each other and the business owner can keep track of their progress in a better manner and manage the activities of their service providers and users and understand the steps they need to follow in order to improve the services that are being provided currently by them along with being responsive in nature so that it can be operated across platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

The TaskRabbit clone along with being responsive and modifiable in nature has some of the most distinguishable features like multiple payment methods like cash, card or wallet that the customers can choose from to make the payment for the home services, book now or schedule for later, statistics to assist the home service provider to keep track of the earnings made by them in a statistical or graphical format, and other features like manage appointments, gallery, push notifications, etc., to name a few that helps the home service provider and the business owner, both, to manage their daily organizational and operational activities, like getting more jobs and advertising new services, features, providing discounts, etc.  to name a few.

Thus, through all these points, it becomes clear, that the TaskRabbit clone is a must-have for your home service industry as it will help you provide smooth and quick services to your customers and will help your service providers automate their organizational activities in a more efficient manner.

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Lata Motvani

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