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Internet has turned our lives upside down with everyone and everything connected to each other. But the most it has helped in terms of convenience are students. From online courses being available from anywhere in the world to infinite data accessible at fingertips, Internet has certainly come a long way along with the students. On the other hand, online application systems throughout the universities have certainly eased burden from students mind. One of the greatest advantages of the online application systems is that students can submit their applications at their comfort. All that is required is access to a PC and web connectivity. Messy handwriting, absence of postal connectivity, delay in courier conveyance are unlikely to disturb the application process. This is an extraordinary advantage to applicants in rural regions applying for international universities.

However, when Martin Basiri wanted to apply for a university in Canada back in 2010, he was faced with difficulties and dilemma to do so. The reason being Internet’s advantages were still unfolding. Having travelled from Iran to Canada to explore higher education, Martin had completed his engineering degree at Shiraz University when he decided to complete his Masters at University of Waterloo in Canada. Despite receiving a scholarship offer, Martin faced many challenges including paperwork and academic grade conversion, securing admission and attaining a student visa. It took roughly one year before Martin was approved and enrolled into courses.

By the time, his twin brothers, Meti and Massi chose to pursue their international education, Martin was well-versed in the process, offering his guidance and expertise to make their application less challenging and more efficient. Through their personal experiences, they learned the various difficulties that come with international students wanting to pursue studying abroad, igniting their business in 2015. Knowing that education is a right and not a privilege, Basiri brothers set out to make the best possible education accessible to students worldwide, regardless of their nationality or location and ApplyBoard was started. Since 2015, the company has grown remarkably, and is thrilled to announce its partnership with hundreds of top North American colleges, universities and high schools, and assistance of thousands of students.

Accessible by anyone, from anywhere, at any time!

ApplyBoard chooses to work through an online platform because it is easily accessible by anyone, anywhere around the world, any time of the day. It is the ideal tool to help them work towards their mission, to make education available to all students in the world. With an online platform, ApplyBoard has the ability to provide top customer support and has a consistent online presence.

When asked what made them take entrepreneurial plunge, they proudly says they took the initiative to start this business because of their passion to help others. Martin’s background in engineering and large interest in building things also encouraged the start of ApplyBoard. Before the company took off, they spent their time assisting other international students with their applications. The more students they helped, the more they realized just how many students there are who are looking to further their education in North America, but suffer from the obstacles, get defeated and don’t achieve their dreams. The Basiri brothers’ own experiences allowed them to take the entrepreneurial plunge and make a business out of their passion and daily activities. They wanted to find a solution to a problem that will make a difference in the world. They had hopes and dreams of making a positive impact, and continue to have these hopes and dreams.

Since the foundation, Martin has connected with many other professionals who have the same passion and who strive to make a difference in the world, building their strong, diverse team. ApplyBoard has helped thousands of students, making a direct impact on their lives, which encourages them to push for more. They have also learned a lot more about the process, and what many North American schools requires in order to accept international students.

Seamless and efficient as possible!

When applying with ApplyBoard, students first begin by answering a set of questions based on a number of factors including academic background, desired course of study and financial situation. ApplyBoard’s online platform, lined with a unique algorithm, gathers this information and

1) Matches the student with a list of schools and programs with a 95% acceptance rate,

2) Provides the student with all document requirements,

3) Generates a universal application the student can use to apply to multiple desired schools, and

4) Provides the necessary information needed to successfully attain a student visa.

The platform also acts as a secure space for students to keep their gathered information and makes the application process as seamless and efficient as possible. With a unique AI software to streamline the application process for international students, ApplyBoard offers an A to Z solution for what students need to study abroad. It can take months for students to search through all the universities, colleges and high schools in North America and discover what program works best for you and what’s necessary to get there. Especially when students are reading in a language that is not their native tongue. ApplyBoard condenses this process to ridiculously 15 minutes and does the work for the students, allowing them to select what top institution is best for them.

There’s always a way to go beyond – do it!

ApplyBoard is a team with a passion for innovation, culture and teamwork, and strive for positive impact. ApplyBoard not only cares about students, but also cares about the well-being of their employees. The company ensures the employees have access to all the best resources and are enjoying what they do. ApplyBoard also maintains an open workspace, and welcomes all ideas.

The founders believe every single student has a right to a good education and should not limit themselves from pursuing their goal of studying abroad. At ApplyBoard, they want to make every student’s dream a reality by offering their expertise gained through personal experiences. To have the opportunity to study abroad and be immersed in a country’s unique culture, is one of the most enriching, exciting and interesting experiences, and should be available to any student who wants to take part in it. Interacting with students from all over the world and assisting them in their process, communicating with them during their international experience and seeing them happy is what drives founders and employees of ApplyBoard every single day and encourages them to reach more students.

Accuracy is not celebrated. It’s expected.

ApplyBoard offers a 95% acceptance rate to students applying to schools through the platform. Students who choose to apply for international education through ApplyBoard have very positive experiences and quick feedback. The company is recognized for having fast and reliable service, providing students with guidance every step of the way. ApplyBoard has hit over 115 employees and are continuing on its growth and has partnered with 1000+ universities, colleges and high schools across Canada and the US. In addition to this, the company has assisted 20,000 international students via its platform. Martin mentions, “We have recently launched a partnership with WE Charity to continue our mission towards making education accessible to all. For every international student who applies to study abroad using ApplyBoard’s platform, the company will donate to WE Charity.”

ApplyBoard’s staff is deemed as friendly and approachable individuals who truly care about building a relationship with international students. With ApplyBoard, students gets the confidence they need to pursue their experience abroad, and gets to know about every single detail, including expenses, with the goal of reducing stress. The challenges students face in the process of studying abroad is truly a concern to the ApplyBoard team, and its help is readily available. To students using its platform, ApplyBoard is number one and second to none. ApplyBoard makes dreams come true.

Going further, ApplyBoard aims to expand into more countries, primarily Southeast Asia. The company plans to continue its growth, connect with more schools and help as many students as possible in the next 5 years. The founders wants to make a drastic difference in the lives of students.

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