5 Natural Language Processing Methods

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an extension of artificial intelligence that aids computers in understanding, interpreting, and manipulating human language. NLP gathers knowledge from many disciplines like computer science and computational linguistics, in its quest to breach the gap between how human communicates and computer understanding.

5 Natural Language Processing Methods That Are Changing The World

According to James Le, a computer tech expert, NLP is a field at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics. According to him, the goal is for computers to process or “understand” natural language to perform tasks like Language Translation and Question Answering. With the help of NLP, we have quick translation services like The Word Point to optimize communication irrespective of our cultural background and society.

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are bringing such massive improvement to the world. Like the “Golden fleece,” machine learning houses so many solutions to problems and, most times, make living easy for everyone. In the case of NLP as a machine learning tool, it helps to solve non-linear problems such as processing text and words.

This is why a lot of software builders use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to manage the challenges we face daily. With the advancement and increase in artificial intelligence like voice interfaces and chatbots, NLP is becoming the most important technologies of the information age and the core of artificial intelligence.

Trying to understand a different language from what we are used to can be quite difficult for us to talk more of fully understanding, and representing the meaning of language is an extremely difficult task because human language is unique and dynamic. There are different benefits of NLP and its importance to our world, NLP helps in so many ways like;

     Finding Synonyms like the online Thesaurus dictionary

     Checking right spellings and level of right English construction like Grammarly.com

     Machine translation.

Here are 5 NLP methods that are changing the world and are making life easy for us.

  1. Sentiment Analysis

NLP helps in determining the sentiment of an article, sentence, or comment using its sentiment analysis model, which is one of the regular reasons why we use NLP. For a human to determine the sentiment in a comment or an article can be quite difficult to achieve, but with NLP it is achievable, with its sentiment analysis model it can tell us if a comment has negative or positive differences.

As we use NLP in sentiment analysis, you can get to know the real message passed by people, the type of message that comes from within, and may not be seen in the text; this will help in knowing what people think in reviews of products, surveys, and services offered. Sentiment analysis also comes handy in knowing the pole of people’s opinions based on their comments on social media posts, and even if you want a detailed classification like; very positive, positive, neutral, negative, and very negative, you can get it done.

Sentiment analysis is usually done using supervised and unsupervised models. In the supervised model, we have Naive Bayes, random forest, and gradient boosting that can be used while the unsupervised model works with a corpus of words with their sentiment and polarity.

  1. Machine Translation

With the rate of industrialization and world trade, new markets are rising around the world in different countries, and the excuse “language barrier” will stop existing because translating languages is becoming more significant with quality translation services.

Now, there is a lot of structured database of words used in machine learning training and text are now available in different languages, creating a machine learning problem for translating words, articles and documents is not a problem as we already have some. The moment you introduce language translation services to your business, you expand your market and increase your client base, you have given your business an edge over your competition.

Talking to potential clients and business partners that are not from your country and cannot communicate in the same language as you will become easier using NLP translation models. The more advanced models allow a more natural experience when reading or hearing the translated text. It makes the client more comfortable and a sense of trust and security.

  1. Dialogue and Conversation

There is no over-emphasizing the fact that every business needs a superb customer care unit, around the clock customer support service, this should be a top priority for every business where your customers can relate their problem to you at any time and issues will be taken care of. Some times, the issue may not be solved, but the fact that they were able to report a problem with your business will relieve the situation a bit.

It is becoming difficult these days to hire humans to do this job effectively because we have our limits to what we can take and how much we can work for a period. Using NLP chatbots and virtual assistants can be a substitute for people and a better option than FAQ. Get a customized model of NLP model chatbots for your business and virtual assistant to be more advanced for a better experience.

  1. Text Summarization

NLP helps in summarizing a large pile of text by using some set of techniques. This usually comes in handy in cases like article editing and research articles. Summarizing write-ups and text can be a huge task for a man to do, but with the help of the NLP model, you can get the work done faster and easier.

Using NLP in text summarization entails the program using the two big main approach, which is extraction and abstraction. NLP extract useful information from large documents, or it generates its summary that sends the same message as the original text, just like an abstract of the original text.

  1. Recognizing Named Entity

Extracting the entities in text and articles is one of the most useful techniques in NLP. It highlights the elementary concepts and references in the text or document. The ability to identify people, locations, organizations, and dates, among others in the text, is what the named entity recognition in NLC does.

This will make work easy for us, especially for people in the market survey and editing sector. You get a more reliable result using NLP.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the above-mentioned methods of NLP in our business and daily activities are making things easy for us, which is a positive change to the world. You can trust to get the right result as far as you are using it correctly.


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