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Top 10 Most Inspiring Women of Influence in 2021

Editor’s Corner
Today, women are aware of what they bring to the table and how their EQ and empathetic attitude contribute to the rise of every venture they associate themselves with. This awareness has led to a rapid rise in gender parity and has witnessed women-led startups thrive and soar. It is proven that diversity in leadership positively impacts growth. It has been proven time and again that leaders with high emotional intelligence are more effective in managing teams.
They lead with a transformational leadership style and have empathetic nature which nurtures a positive working environment in an organization and women entrepreneurs have often been observed leading with it, which unequivocally impacts the overall growth and environment of emerging startups.

In this edition on successful women, titled, “Top 10 Most Inspiring Women of Influence in 2021 (Vol – 1)” we are presenting successful women from technology who believe in inspiring others and leading them to better heights. On the cover story of our edition, we have Florencia Masri, Owner and President of Falcon Properties, who is not only carrying on a family legacy, but is creating one of her own as she marches the company into the future and into new territories. Falcon Properties is a New York City-based, family-owned business with over 40 years of international experience, specializing in real estate management and acquisition and commercial leasing. The company manages over 50,000 square feet of commercial space in the heart of Manhattan’s fashion district and leases over 350 commercial spaces for small office startups, fashion designers, photo and art studios, and other similar businesses. Although Falcon Properties has consistently flourished since her late father founded it decades ago, Florencia is elevating it to the next level, driven by the same determination that led him to build a thriving real estate venture in the midst of a depression.

Apart from the cover story, we have Suzanne Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate, Erie Bank; Liv Ryssdal Thorsen, Co-founder & CEO, DigiLEAN; Joan Davanzo, CEO, Dobson DaVanzo; Kate Fishel, CEO, Fauxcades; Jahanara Miotto, President, Metrendalytics Consultants; Ishveen Anand, Founder and CEO, OpenSponsorship; Yunha Kim, CEO, Simple Habit; Anna Cecilia Frellse, CEO, Maternity Foundation and Karen Hollenbach, Founding Director, Think Bespoke.

Furthermore, we have “GENDER DIVERSITY AT HILTI” penned down by Sonia Mokdad, General Manager of Hilti Singapore. Don’t forget to check out that as well.

Without further ado, let’s begin already. Happy reading!
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