The 10 Shepreneurs through Glass Ceiling & Beyond

The 10 Shepreneurs through Glass Ceiling & Beyond

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Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big: It has been more than five decades since the then President, John F. Kennedy, signed the Equal Pay

Editor’s Corner

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The glass ceiling is a metaphor showcasing the invisible hurdles that keep women from getting ahead, from grabbing hold of new opportunities, and furthering their career. It was used to place an unfair limitation to the success and achievements of women. Thankfully, today, with the rising focus on gender equity and female empowerment, women have all but established how misleading and discriminating the glass ceiling effect is. WBeyond Exclamation understands the importance and the unparalleled contributions of women entrepreneurs, and have thus come up with an issue titled “Top 10 Shepreneurs through Glass Ceiling and Beyond.” These Shepreneurs are true examples of sheer brilliance and success, and herein we have showcased their inspiring journeys that have surged them ahead to stand out from the crowd.

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