The 10 Beyond Taste and Innovation June2018

The 10 Beyond Taste and Innovation

Cover Story

Architecting Sweet & Savory

The cover spotlights Natasha Case, who vowed to bring architecturally inspired, gourmet ice-cream through her innovating company Coolhaus In the

Editor’s Corner

Beyond! recognizes the efforts of companies which are striving and thriving beyond limits to innovate with taste and technology. Food is the global language and an expression of cultural existence with no boundaries and unites all people, industries and countries. In our special issue of “Top 10 Beyond Taste and Innovation”, we feature the journey of companies which meet the challenges posed by a diverse market and changing consumer needs through their innovation and creativity.

Run the imagery-factory of your mind and think about biting into a slice of lemon: its acidic sourness will make you wince. Now imagine a sip of double espresso: the bitter pang of caffeine is a wake-up call for you. Next imagine a ripe mango, and the flood of sweetness when you sink your teeth into it. Now think about the salty hit from biting into the first crisp in a packet. Round it off with a healthy-hearty meal. Such is our latest journal of “Top 10 Beyond Taste and Innovation.”

Business Boulevard

Honestly Good

An award-winning company that believes in making healthier products the right way As the world population increases to 7 billion

Excellence Causeway​

Younick Corner​

Omniscient Voyage​

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Definitive Destination

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