Hot 10 Beyond Powerful Big Data Oct2018

Hot 10 Beyond Powerful Big Data

Editor’s Corner

The “Hot 10 Beyond Powerful Big Data” brings readers the journeys of such big data solution providers and their forerunners who goes beyond the conventional way to make the exclamation happen. The publication particularly highlights big data companies that are accelerating along with this technology while going beyond the bits and bytes of Big Data. As our cover story, we have Glassbox which is helping enterprises gain a deep understanding of their online customers. Led by CEO, Yaron Morgenstern, Glassbox develops and delivers digital customer experience solutions that empower organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile customers worldwide. Glassbox offers Customer Experience Analytics, a solution to optimize web and mobile customer experiences; Customer Support Optimization, a solution to streamline digital support interactions in call centers; Risk Management & Compliance, a solution to record, store, and retrieve the digital truth; and Experience Performance Analytics, a solution to measure, monitor, and enhance channels performance. Following this we have Actimirror: The leading IoT smart mirror platform at its best; Bigstep: A big data cloud provider providing with tailor-made big data; Lynx Analytics: Solving real, complex problems with the power of Big Data graph analytics; BigTapp: Providing customers with Big Data & Analytics solutions; SalesChoice: An AI/Cognitive Sciences SaaS provider, with a registered Salesforce AppExchange solution; and Virtual Tech Gurus: Bringing-forward enterprise-level expertise with deep knowledge.

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